Why GM Food is Key to Food Security in India

Sandip Das

There has been significant amount of debate in the recent years on whether India should go for transgenic or genetically modified (GM) crops or not. There is evidence that GM foods enhance productivity and increase food security. However, people who are against the motion points out that it will encourage monoculture and end diversity of traditional crops. Besides, GM crops are still not perceived to be fully safe for consumption; although there is no scientific proof.


This is a very significant issue as the economic security of the country depends heavily upon agriculture that supports over 58% of the population, against 75% of the population in time of the independence. But, on the onset of green revolution in the late 1960s, India has made impressive strides in agriculture with the help of better chemicals, high-yielding cereals and other plant varieties. The revolution has substantially boosted agricultural output, increasing it 2.85…

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