Next Time for Brazil..

Brazil v Germany: Semi Final - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

There is defeat. There is disaster and there is carnage. The last thing explains well the defeat of Brazil in the semi final against Germany. Germany had a well-balanced team, a mix of experienced and young players. They played as a unit throughout the tournament. Compared to that, Brazil was an inexperienced side. Besides, they did not have their star player Neymer with them. The team became too much Neymer-centric! In stark contrast, Germany was a compact unit. So, it was an inexperienced and a clueless team pitted against an experienced and invincible unit. The fight of David and Goliath. The result was not different—a 1-7 defeat of Brazil in their homeland, in from of thousands of cheering fans. They were sad, they cried and moaned when the Mullers of the other world scored one after another goal. The frequent focus of the rolling video cameras on the sad faces of the Brazilian fans made it worse! The match will go down in the memory as one of the most humiliating defeats ever in the history of football. The country that is synonymous with football was annihilated, destroyed and reduced to a school team by the Germans. The hope of crores of Brazilians were crushed. They have to wait another four years for another word cup.
This was just a game. So what? Passion and emotions are very much part of the game. I as an avid supporter of Brazil was word-less last night. I could not believe it was happening. As if it was a bad dream. 4 goals in 6 minutes in world cup semi-final against Brazil. The fans who were witness of the humiliating disrobing of the 11 players with yellow and green jersey in their homeland will remember this day till the last day of their life.


I, belonging to a third world country, will still remain a Brazil, the country of football magicians. They have given the world class players like Pele, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos! Every child in the every corner of the country is passionate about football. Football is what they dream and aspire. For Brazilians, football is not just a game. I will wait another four years and gear up againin 2018 to cheer for Brazil. You guys are awesome! Long live football, long live Brazil!